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Video Advertising

According to research, adults spend more than 5 hours a day watching videos. Well, that means promoting your business by video advertising is a good option as it will provide opportunities to get your audience interested and engaged in your business. If you want to manage video advertising campaigns, promote existing video content, or create video advertising campaigns, Top Lead Solutions could be a choice of yours.

What is Video Advertising?

The video ads displayed to users to promote your business products in display advertising form are known as Video Advertising.

Is Video Advertising Important for your business?

As Video Advertising provides a visual way to gain information, there are chances that people will get 10x more interested in watching the video rather than reading a block of text? Sharing videos with other people on social media pages is easy. If someone gets interested in buying your services, there are chances that they will share your videos with friends that will indirectly help your business to reach out to more people. If you include a video on your landing page, you can increase the conversion rate to up to 80%. Instead of reading a 5-minute article, people will prefer watching a 30-second video which means videos help deliver the information visually and quickly.

Choose Top Lead Solutions for Video Advertising:

Lead solutions is a company that is family-owned and operated. Our company was an award-winning company by Google in 2016-17. Today we’ve built more than 500 websites though we started our journey with just one website. Our company always stays on top of trends and knows what type of videos are trending as we are well aware that video trends constantly change. In addition to providing transparent reporting, we have a team of video advertising experts that will prioritize ongoing training. When it comes to pricing, we always make sure to offer transparent pricing to our customers that make 95% of our clients stay longer with us.

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